Monday, December 5, 2011

From Zero To Negative

Fuckity Fuck

Yesterday I lost my phone and today something fucked up again. It's the 12th week and we have to register for next semester course and you know what ? 

Fuck this. After going back from Central Market yesterday I bought myself a phone. Samsung bodoh je. And also renewed my number.

'lagi setengah jam activate'
'ok. tq'

Almost 12 hours and it still not activated yet bitch ! 1/2 an hour eh ? Fuck you lahh maxis ! So, alternatively I used my celcom number for a while waiting for that maxis number to be activated. So, there you go. Every single fuck is given today !

p/s : There's a reason why I didn't bought that BlackBerry. Phewww !

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kiah & Karim

Nothing much to say. Just a video that I want to share. It surprised me when both of them not so afraid of me. Bunch of adorable pets.

Its where my mind feel empty and all the tense are gone when playing with them. Kinda proud though. I'm able to feed them ! HIHI

p/s : Too much to read on Kenegaraan & Hubungan Etnik. I'm so fucked up. Test is just around the corner. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This is serious 

I read my friend's blog yesterday and I came across this one post about fire in UiTM Shah Alam. 1st of all some of my friends pursuing their degrees there and for sure I'm worried about them since fire broke out there. Well then I was like wondering how the fire started ? Well you know what ? Haiihhh.... It's humiliating laaa bro to tell you. But I'll tell you anyway.

Not need to say much.
Cigarette ??? Plus, that blog stated that there is one smarty ass throw the cigarette in the dustbin and then fire broke out. I was like whattt ? Like seriously ?? In the dustbin ??? Fire ??? Please kill me nowww !!

Aku terase tempias blog kawan aku tu sebab I'm a smoker bitch. HAHA But based on my experiences I never throw a damn cigarette in a dustbin before because it doesn't make sense. Usually just pinch the cigarette on the dustbin. Then you can throw it in the dustbin stupid ! At least padam la bara die dulu baru lah buang. Bangang bertingkat2. Harap je masuk UiTM. Malu aku selaku perokok terkenal. Tapi nak buat macam mane benda da berlaku. Plus, since the last 5 years I've been smoking not even once a fire broke out at my house, hostel or anywhere. What just happened at UiTM Shah Alam is just plain stupidity. 

Simple as shit. Just step on the cigarette and its done ! Probably he loves UiTM so much and have the intention to keep it clean. So, there you go, in the dustbin and fire out. Gyeaahhh !!!!

Credits to A.S.P.I.R.E for the pictures and the info.

p/s : Makin suke lah pak guard UiTM bwat spot check kat budak2 nanti. Tahniah !

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kewl New Language Yawww !

Raageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

I'm raging twice for a day ! What's wrong with nowadays short form ? I mean when we text messages or comment on Fesbuk there'll be at least one person that have this some sort of kewl language. 

'akoe skeww makawnn nawsiieew larghhh'

wtf is that ? I can't even find it in dictionary ! This is bullshit yaw. Some people doesn't know how to spell it right. Language killer ! FUKKEM ALL GHYEAAHH ! Why can't we just spell it like usual one. It would be nicer and easier to understand lah retardos ! I think they're handicap people. Deaf maybe. Possible of mute or anything that lead to learning problems during childhood. Its a humiliation to write like that because it is not kewl at all. I'm dead serious and I mean it. Not kewl not kewl not kewl not kewl and it makes you look like an attention seeker (jackass) LOL ! Ok, that's lame...kill me now arghhhhh ! Let's cut to the chase, I'm gonna show you some of the kewl language. Observe !

jurx ? HAHA
akoe ? what.. ???

tytet ?? athoiy ?? I can't even....FUUUUU

Her own friend didn't know what language she's using ! Damn !

tnyewr tat ???? Arghhhhhh !!!!!!!!

This is where she got trolled by her friend. 

And she didn't realized that she's being trolled ! TROLOLOL

Butthurt ?? Go buy yourself some butt cream but be careful not to wipe it in you asshole because batal puasa la nanti ! HAHAHAHA Ok, another lame joke. Please kill me nowwww !!!!
p/s : Its hard to update this blog with some quality jokes when you're lack of nicotine. Seriously tho !

Tips For Annoying Fesbuker

Ragggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!

Every time I log into Fesbuk there'll be some retards updating stupid status. Yup. Stupidos amigos status. It's annoyyyyyyyyying ! Seriously, don't you guys felt the same way ? I've updated some stupid status as well but when I think about it I was like 'wtf am I doing bro ?' The whole world is seeing your status on their news feed. Well if you got some retards friends on your Fesbuk I'm sure you've been through the same situation like me. So, here some rage comics for the retards.

In before butthurt !

p/s : It's the final moment. Just a week away and its over. It's gonna be tough for sure.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cerita Bulan Puasa 1

Today is the 2nd day of Ramadhan and I'm fasting for the whole 2 days ! Yeehhaaaaw ! (baru 2 hari) And so as Cik Karim who is also fasting like his baba. Fuhh, kemain penat die. Asik tido je keje. Tiap2 pagi kejut kan aku sahur.

Penat betol Cik Karim.

Phone camera sucks.

Let's cut to chase. 

Cerita Bulan Puasa time aku berada dalam zaman jahiliah hidup aku. I think during Form 3 kot. I remember back then during outing with my friends. Well of course it is Ramadhan. Because of boredom staying in hostel, me and one of my friends decided to go out have some fresh air. (fresh air sgt bulan2 puasa cam ni) We don't have any clue where we're going at that time. Just wander around and its really hot out there. We thought of going to the Bazaar but it still early. So, we both went to McDonald's to tapau back to hostel. Baru boleh show off kat orang ye dak ? HAHA 

Gotcha !

1st of all dalam McD tu sume orang Cina ngan India yang tengah makan. Aku no hal lah sebab muka aku macam Cina sikit. Member aku yang kesian sebab sume orang dok pandang dia. Sampai kat kaunter buat biasa ja cakap nak bungkuih. Bitau lagi sekali nak bungkuih baru pi order. Aku order doublechesse manakala kawan aku Spicy chicken Mcdeluxe. After that dengan selamba we went back to hostel. 

Kat sekolah aku hostel die belah belakang blok akademik. So, we have to go trough blok akademik baru jumpe hostel. Kawan aku ajak pi kelas jap die khabaq nak pi amek barang dia kat kelas. Aku pung pi la ikut dia. Sampai kelas nafsu aku membuak2 pulak melihat bungkusan2 McD tadi. 

'Alex !(bukan name sebenar)'
'Asal Jay ?'
'*kenyit2 mata'
'Jap, kite gi tengok line dulu.'
'Kite pi makan kat dalam makmal komputer yg kosong tu je.'
'Ok gak tu. Tapi kne duduk kat sudut hujung sane lah. Nanti org lalu x perasan kite.'

Yup, that's where we bukak posa. Before Asar if I'm not mistaken. 

Till then Happy Fasting to all of you. Use this Ramadhan to the fullest. Buka jangan dok makan banyak2. Minum air pung jangan nak sampai 4 5 gelas. Ingat lah orang2 yang kebuluran di negara2 lain. (perut aku kembung dan aku tak larat nak pi turun tarawih)

p/s : I'll be using less English and more Bahasa because if I use English, zikir carutan akan terpapar di sana sini oleh itu di bulan mulia ni aku tak nak korang dapat saham zikir carutan aku. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku

Yesterday we all Malaysian watching our national team defeated by the Singaporeans. Its sad since this is the platform for our team to perform or qualified for the next FIFA world cup. Its in every Malaysian dreams to watch their favourite national team playing against other famous country. 

1st leg of the match we're down by 5-3. And yesterday I believe that Harimau Malaya would come back just like the match against Indonesia in AFF Suzuki cup. I was hoping that HM could beat those sea lions or mermaid lion I guess since the Singapore lion have fish scale. But in the end we're tied by 1-1. Thanks to Safee Sali for the goal. At least they perform well in front of us.

What I want to say is the squad are fatigue. You know why ? Arsenal wants to play with them, Liverpool too, Chelsea also want to play with them maa haiyaaa komfem diorang penat mau lawan Singapore lehh. Maybe its one of the factor. Other than that, the defensive line of our beloved squad weren't performing well. They didn't stay in one line as I supposed to trapped those Singaporean strikers in an offside position. When they didn't stay in one line, then the striker pass through them and all they're hoping is a flag-up from the linesman. Damn ! What was that bro ? Aku yang tak main pun tau bende2 cam ni. (lu cakap bole la bro, try main ngan ktorang tgk). Ok2. This is the function of spectators. To give opinion about what was wrong in the game so that our beloved Harimau Malaya could improve. 

I took the picture on the internet. This is what we (national football fans) feel when the final whistle blown. Maybe its not our rezeki. Maybe next time. I think I never supported our national team before. It started last two years when I saw some improvement from the national team. Plus, it ain't me alone you know. All of the Malaysian said so. See how many people come and supported them yesterday ? Compare to 5 / 10 years ago. All of the Malaysian trusted this team because of the improvement they made, their spirit and loved towards country.

Don't give up guys. Don't lose your faith on our national team. I believed one day our national team will be playing with England, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil and other famous country. Even though we loss to Singapore, but Harimau Malaya still in my heart. Till then, have a listen to Rebecca Black's Friday song!

p/s : Don't expect things too high and too low, because once you loose it, it'll be your greatest disappointment.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nomad Friend

Yo yo yo ! Here come another post from me bro ! The story starts long way before the earth was formed. When our Creator created this world and fast forward a few billion years ahead there is one little boy born on....... I don't know, but his birthday was 11 days ago. So, God had decided to put him in a room with 5 troll head friends (that include me). But it seems like he didn't get along with those 5 trolls. He possess the awesomeness of Nick Jonas because of his hair. He speaks louder than a boombox. And one more thing, I don't know why I had this jealousy. Owh yeah, many hot chicks attracted to him ! HNGGGGGHHHHHHHHH ! (maybe its just a coincidence or luck or whatever)

Why nomad ? I think he lived in the dessert before coming here. He didn't stay at one place. Its hard to meet him (kalah PM bro) maybe he's busy doing things or he doesn't like the 5 of us ? (that's for sure i think) HAHA FYI, our room can be considered as the tidiest among others but there's one part in our room that fukken spoiled the title man ! Yup, the nomad friend is the spoiler ! I think he just like to be messy. Just look at his hair and you'll know what kind of person he is. (macam cakap kat diri sendiri -.-) tapi tempat aku kemas der. Adelah tak terurus sikit time jadi ketua deco. 

He came back just to change clothes, taking shower, wash clothes and go back to his nomad habits. Weird eyh ? For 3 semester with him, we concluded that he has an imaginary friend. He can open up the door without using a key !! Now that should be published in Ripley's. Hey Ripley, you missed out the unbelievable act here. There's a time when the 5 of us went out to feed our tummy, he nomad-ing without locking the doors ! FFFUUUUUUUUU
Luckily nothing happened. I guessed he told his imaginary friends to look after the room while he's gone. Well about the spoiling our room's title........just look for yourself. Enjoice !

What is this ? I can't even........

Pretty neat yawww !
Now I know why he didn't stay here. Hmm
I can't even type right now. Well I'm still typing to finish this up if not tergantung la nanti takde penutup. Kena tolak markah sape nak tanggung ? Aku jugak. Well, it's been a while since I last play rugby. Till then have a good Monday evening by guessing who's this messy, loud, and hot stuff is !

p/s : Damn ! I can't even do 1 push up and it hurts ! Sucks

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Finally ! Its overrrrrrrr !!!!!!! My tired life is over and I'm happy like a pig ! (eh, ape kaitan ngan pig?) Yes, its all over the place right now. Everyone is talking about the great event that happened yesterday. MAPAS (i don't know if it is the correct acronym) since many people used 'MAPAS' so aku pun gune la. Yela2, MAPAS stands for Majlis Apresiasi ASPer. Puas ? 

I'm proud to declare myself as the boss of decoration for this event. I thought the job was easy but turned out to be full of tahi ! Penat nak mampos ! It started last Monday. Since that I can't remember how many times I got up for class. I almost forgot my class timetable. Every night I slept at 3 / 4 am and to wake up early to class.....emm..nahh sleep is more important yaww ! Although the event went smoothly but the pain through out in preparing for the event is really tahi. Almost everyday I had to rent or borrowed my friends car to buy things for the decoration. The budget provided is not enough I guess since I had to use my own money. That does not include the car rental and fuel. But the event must be a 'grand' one. 

'lu nak grand, budget pun in grand la der.'

But I managed to find some cheap place for many things in Bangi. There I could cut down the cost. But still not enough because the helium balloon are fukken expensive ! RM350 for 120 balloons. But that balloon uncle is a very nice person. 

'halo, ini balloon world supply ke?'
'ya ada apa?'
'saya mau tempah 100 biji belon'
'bole2, u mau buat apa?'
'i ada ini satu event mau pakai belon dekat putrajaya. saya mau 1 balloon arch sama itu 20 biji belon helium bole?'
'bole2, semua skali RM350, nanti u sms i u punye event dekat mana ha'
'u chinese ke malay?'
'saya malay la tauke'
'oohh, tapi u cakap malay macam cina maa'
'saya skola cina dulu'
'hai ya, ni zhen me bu yao gen wo jiang hua yi leh?'

I chat with him in Chinese. Guess what ? That tauke come and give me 30 more helium gas balloon for me. Cool eh ? Untung lah reti cakap cina. HAHA Tapi yang sedih nye I've to give out RM100 of my money for the balloons because the budget is not enough and I'm gonna claim it !!! Duit kuaq macam air der. Tak raye la aku macam ni. Tiap2 malam makan megi je la.

I want to thank to my decoration team for all the supports and commitment. Thanks to Meemah, Fifah, Arda, Meera, Asnira, Amal, Ipin, Akmal, Hakim, Sultan and others who helped us indirectly and I'm gonna claim the money that you all used for decorations. I'm sorry for causing a lot of trouble to you. Because of me most of you didn't go to class and I'm sorry. I wished I could replace your attendance with mine. 

It's very relieving (perasan baru lepas berak gitu) after all the hard work and I'm proud of our decorations since many of those camwhores taking picture at our props as background. I'm happy since all my family were there at the event. Kiah and Karim and their pups were there and we manage to take our family potrait ! yeaah !

1st family potrait ! Damn I looked so old

And that is one of the props
And one more thing, I'm gonna curse those who popped all the balloons because aku tak raye sebab belon2 tu korang senang2 pecah kn. Sial la ptuih !

p/s : I overslept and wake up with a panda eye ! (gosh i almost forgot how to use blogger)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Trip !

Yahooooooooo !

Last week gua pegi Genting bro ! Bapak gua datang hari jumaat angkut gua terus naik Genting. Gempak tak gempak la kn. Plus, gua dapat naik kereta baru der. Tapi sebelum tu gua kene pegi KL Tower dulu sebab bapak gua tunggu kat sinun. As I arrived at Raja Chulan's monorail station, da nampak KL Tower nye kat blkg semak2 tu. Tapi nak sampai ke KL Tower tu yang masalah sikit. Then, I'll just wander around and hopefully find out the main entrance but I failed. Dapat peluh kat ketiak je. Nak naik teksi ? Duet ade RM5 je bro. Tah lepas ke tak nak naek teksi. I called my dad to pick me up here but he said

'naek teksi je la kalaw cam tu'

'duet tak banyak la'

'xpe, nnt sampai sini ayah bayar la'

Here's the fukken part of the journey. As we all know taxi used their meter during the day and fixed price during the night. Of course the starting value is always RM2. As the taxi goes to the KL Tower, I was hoping that the price wouldn't reach RM5 and it didn't. It was RM4.90 but when I give that fukken old man RM5 he said

'enam linggit la adik'

'huh? enam linggit meh? bukan empat linngit sembilan ah?'

'bukan2. enam linggit'

'sikijap saye punye ayah sikit lagi mau sampai'

'tak apa lah. 5 linggit suda'

'ok. tenkiu ah angkel' !*Y@*&^#&^&TYGHJYJFSDFTYE%^URT^&

Menyirap sial. Bole pulak RM6 tibe2. Macam tahi ! 

Well, I got excited when ayah wanted to go to the restaurant on KL Tower. RM69.00 per head and eat all you can eat ! Plus, the restaurant is moving in circle ! Wohoooo ! Sumpah jakun.

Ni round ke-2. Hihi

Nice bro !
Lepas makan, we're off to Genting ! Yeehaaaw ! 

1st ride of the day in outdoor theme park, Qilah cried ! HAHA Mase beratur muke kemain kental jek. Baru duduk hambek kaw. Menanges beb. Tengah pusing2 pung still nanges. HAHA

Our 1st ride. HAHA
Behind that ride is our hotel where we stay for the night. Its cozy, the view is nice which is the theme park and spacious ! After Qilah cried I thought of something to cheer her up. So, we took a ride on this.... I don't know what to say. Just observe.

Lame !
Mariah Carey go round. Sumpah best tak tipu ! Ade pony, elephant, best ! Die pusing2 plak tu... Laju sangat die pusing. Mmg tak bosan laa. HAHA

The best place is the snow world. Aku tak taw ape yang best tapi best la. HAHA Haaaa ! Best sebab nafas kite berasap ble kat dalam tu ! 

My sis, Qilah. Suke letteew!
Yg mcm korean ni abg Qilah. HAHA
Last but not least, ayah still get to ride in the skyway (cable car) when we were going down. The door is small and we have to carry ayah into the cockpit then un-deployed the wheelchair and just sumbat it in the cable car. The result..

Tadaa ! Ok I forgot to include the wheelchair. -.-
It's a hell of a weekend. Its about 6 years since my family had a trip together. Now, I'm more to friends trip. Because it's hard for ayah to move around especially the place got no ramps and OKU's facilities. Thank God that Gohtong build all the OKU's needs at Genting. So, that's all for this post. Oh, before I forgot, we went to Port Dickson after that. HEHE I'm having a good Wednesday morning because Physics class canceled ! So, have a good Wednesday everyone !

p/s : Lim Goh Tong. May your soul rest in peace.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm happy to see my babies sleep together. They're really adorable. HAHA I love it when they clean themselves up. Wipe their hands then mouth, face and not to forget their feet ! Even we humans didn't do that aren't we ? HAHA Its been fun to watch them everyday everynight. Say goodbye when going to the class. Scold them when they're messed up their cage. It seems like Kiah and Karim are real kids eyh ? I treat them like that because they're listen to me. They will sulk and sleep after I scold them just like we did when we were little kids ! Classic.

Here are some of their pictures snapped. HIHI


I don't understand why they love to sleep under that wheel.
I was pwned !

I hate this feeling. Actually I've failed. Remember previous post where I taped around the cage so that the ants wouldn't go nearby my babies ? Guess what, the ants pwned me ! They managed to move across the sticky tape and I bet they'll be laughing and said

'bodo nye jay2, die ingat kite melekat la kat tape bodo die tu. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.'

FUUUKUU them all. Aku pelik betol cam ne tah diorang bole lepas. Aku rse diorang main lompat galah agaknye. Cipan betol. Bengkek sial aku dipermainkan ngan semut2 ni. Aku xpuas hati betul. Ternyata cara untuk get rid of ants dari Google tak bole pakai ! Tahi sume tu ! 

Tbe2 terlintas kat otak aku cara ini

AHAHAHA I'm a genius !
Bawah sekali tu surat khabar. Kalau tak tau memang bengong tahap rimau ! Atas die hijau cair tu fail aku. HAHA Potong sebelah fail jadi kan alas konon2 Kiah ngan Karim ni duduk kat pulau la. Dengan cara ini aku gerenti 100% semut bole jengah je dari jaoh. Tak payah nak berenang2 ke muara la ye semut tahi !


p/s : Kiah bit me twice. And it hurts like hell ! HAHA I love you Kiah and Karim ! >.<

Monday, May 30, 2011

Congratulations !

Those who read this have become Pak Cik and Mak Cik.

Congrats congrats congrats ! Since this is the 30th post(baru 30 nak kecoh), so I'm gonna make this post the cutest one. 

Congrats again to all of you because all of you have become Pak Cik and Mak Cik. Eh ? Why so surprise ? HAHA Actually I just want to introduce my twins with B : Kiah and Karim. Yes, a boy and a girl. Its a very rare twin since its a boy and a girl. Most of the twins are the same gender. So lucky me ! 

They've been living with us for the past few days and they kinda gained some weight very fast. HAHA Of course they pumped up quickly since they just eat, sleep and wander around. Most important thing is they are super duper cute !

There they are ! Sleep all the time -.-

Kiah and Karim. Again, sleeping.
It's kinda hard to take care of them because I can't even take a good care of myself. But I try. Why Kiah and Karim ? Ahhhhh... I don't know. Its not me who in charged of giving the name. Kiah kinda sepet while Karim have a big round eyes. That's how to differentiate them. But still I get confuse most of the time.

FYI, since semester 1 till now there is always ants wander around my partition and they love to hangout at my laptop. Its really2 annoying ! They never once ask permission from me to use my laptop. I think they've build a castle inside my laptop. Now, they want to make friend with Kiah and Karim. B told me that Kiah love to be friend with lizard. Ok that's weird. Maybe Kiah is way too friendly sampai semut pung nak kawan ngan die. In before the ants come and bite them I Google some of the ways to get rid of the ants from Kiah and Karim. You know what is the best way ?

I put strong tape around the cage ! HAHA
HAHAHAHAA Take that you tiny little red ass minions ! Let see which stupid red ass got stucked on my brilliant tape ! Now, no ants can be friend with my boboy and gegirl. 

That's all for today. Tata !

p/s : I've unleashed a wrath of a super protective Dad !

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Geli doh !!

Pernah jmpe mak nyah? Bapok? Dan seangakatan dengan nye? Dari jauh? HAHA Atuk aku pung bole cakap cam tu.

'Atuk nampak mak nyah tadi'

'Iyeee kee?'

Setakat dari jauh baek tak payah der. Me? Pernah lepak same2 bai. It happened during my stduy week. I went back for a few days after 3 months tak balek JB. Banyak sial perubahan kat JB. Ade Taman Poket doe kat tempat aku. Cool giler sial. HAHA Duniawi sume tu. 

Well of course ble balek JB mesti lepak ngan member2 kn. Its a must. But when some of your friends' friends are not the same head as you (tak same kpale.get it?) mesti awkward pnye lah kalaw lepak same. At that time there's Afiq, yang lain tak cuti. So, berdua je lah macam gay.

Si Afiq ni pulak tah kemaruk hape tah ngidam Big Apple sangat. Tah2 die ngandung anak aku. HUUUHHHHH! Went to Jusco Bkt Indah and met my old friend Wan Telor. That night we hang out at our usual mamak place. Order shisha and eat a bit. Then Wan said his girlfriend is coming with some of her friends. Well that's cool. Me and Afiq can make some new friends.

When they arrived,

'Afiq, asal member laki die jalan cam tu?'

'Tah la. Laki lembut kot.'

'Babi la. Asal kena lepak ngan orang2 cam ni sial.'

'Bwat biase je.'

Yes. 2 girls and 2 boys, i mean 4 girls actually. HAHA Adat orang Meleis kena la salam bile jumpe kan. Sopan gitu bile salam ngan diorang. Lembut sangat2. HIHI fak. Aku geli siaall. Aku kesat2 tangan aku kat baju Afiq. Perghhhh. Aku cam tak bole terima ah. Da la mmg aku kutuk2 orang yang tak kenal jantina ni. Bole plak lepak same kn. wtf mang! Nasib baek aku tumpang Afiq. Kalau tak aku da blah doe. Pas tu diorang punye gelak kalah pontianak. Kalah la ketawa dak2 pompuan yang gedik. Taw kan cam ne?


Dalam hati aku da zikir carut. Macam2 carutan dari pelbagai bhse dan kaum keluar. HAHA But the worst part is I didn't get the chance to snap their pictures for my blog yo. But I do have some pictures that I snapped when lepak ngan Imrang. Tu pung snap curi2. Kalaw kantoi mati sial aku. Nampak je cam pompuan. Tapi lengan kalah sial peha aku.

Cute eyh? Fakem all.

I don't understand why these kind of people choose this kind of life. Didn't they realize that they were male? It's been stated on the birth certificate dumbass. Maybe they can't read. But look in your pants! Its different with the female for God sake! Oh, you didn't know what's that thing in your pants? 
We can't avoid seeing these kind of people. In fact, there are few in the college. But they are the 'OK' type. Not like these. But hey, its their life. Respect their decision. The choose to be like that. Can't blame them though. I'm just wondering why they choose this path. For sure I'm not going to hang out with these kinds of people again because its gross!

p/s : If you're brave enough go and said this to them 'do you know that you don't deserve to have breast?' HAHAHAHAA

Friday, May 6, 2011

Frustrated !

Since many of you guys were forcing me to update this old shit, plus I'm kinda bored this semester break so here goes a shit post from me. HUAHUAHUA
It's been a long time isn't it? Kinda busy sem 2 ni. Have to keep up the pace you know. Sem 1 pointer cam tahi, so sem 2 kena la study hard nak naik kan pointer. That's why this crap is being neglected. (Naahhh. I'm just lazy to update this blog and I even forgot how this crap looks like!) 

Proceed to the story that I want to share (apehal penyakit MUET ni tak hilang2?fuck), haihhh malas sial nak citer. Sentap habis. FYI, cuti sem aku seminggu je. Supposed to be 3 or 4 months of break but the ISO set up new scadual so that blablablabla bullshit! My semester break have been ripped off by this ISO. Seminggu ni je lah aku nak jmpe member tercinta serta menziarahi guru2 tercinta di SAKTI serta mengambil sijil SPM aku.

There you go. The trip to SAKTI. Yeeehaaaaw! Hepi? Of course. I want to meet my teachers and lepak2 minum kopi. Besides I have some debt to pay. Not to forget revenge on some of the wardens! MWAHAHAHA 4th of May is the date and here we go. I took of early about 8 in the morning. Went to pickup Afiq then went straight away to pickup B. After that we're off to SAKTI. Weeeee~ (geli sial weee weeee ni)

Ok. Aku sebenarnye berhutang. Aku gi SAKTI sebab nak langsai kan hutang aku. Hutang ape? HAHA Hutang kek birthday ngan Teacher Linda and Fairuz. I promise them that I'll come to school and give them a cake. Me and some of my friends went to Secret Recipe to buy the cake and it cost us RM79.00! Ahh bukan selalu belanja cikgu kek. Betul tak? HAHA (kantoi harga kek) 

Setibanye dekat Kota Tinggi. Tbe2 kereta aku bergegar dengan kencangnye. Kalaw duduk dalam kereta rase cam kerusi Ogawa. Damn! I knew something wrong is going to happen. Gathered at Kipmart and we're off to go. But I was looking for the nearest workshop to settle the car's problem. In the meantime I called my dad and my brother to tell them about that car. It was hot and I'm sweating like a F-ing pig! Seriously I don't like it. (ade button dislike tak?) Member2 yang lain dah gerak gi skolah. Tinggal aku, afiq, and b tertinggal dekat workshop. Haiihh. I was so happy when the mechanics figured out the problems. But it cost about RM150! Mane nak cekau duet sial. Nasib baik ayah aku bank in duet. Pheww! Tapi, masalah tak selesai pung. The car is still the same! Aku dah la tak taw sgt pasal kereta. Tah hape2 die berbual aku ye kan aje. Plus, it was raining. Haiihhh. 

Aku lepak la dalam kereta depan workshop tu. Tension2. Da la cuti kejap. Planning baek dah. Kek kat aku. Tapi budak2 ni sume da kat skolah. Bengang sial. Da lah susah nak jmpe member laen. Fak btol. Afiq pung call la sorang member aku ni soh dtg amek die. Ayah aku plak soh aku balek umah. Haiihhh.(bnyak kali aku mengeluh kn? fak) Lastly, aku balek ngan b lepas afiq da dijemput. Malam tu plak bkak fesbuk ade gambar dak2 ni kat SAKTI. Bertambah bengang aku. Siall la tak dpt gi SAKTI. Tapi bile tgk gambar ni aku tersenyum. HAHA 

That's the cake! 

That's Teacher Linda. Cute isn't she? HIHI

Sorry teacher. Didn't have the chance to met adik ipar. HAHA maybe next time. There you go. Tah bile lagi nk jejak kaki ke SAKTI lagi. Haiihhhh. I'm so fucked up.

p/s : The most frustrating thing is I didn't get the chance to taste that RM79.00 cake !

Friday, February 4, 2011

Serius Spooky !

Just now I went to the toilet to clean myself up. FYI, aras aku hanya ade aku dan jugak sorang roomate aku, Haidhar. Just the two of us. Orang sume sibuk2 nak sambut raye aku ngan Haidhar sibuk nak balek awal. Ceh, konon nye nak study sebab next week we have test ! Pokok nye tandas tingkat lima blok B kolej 13 berhantu la siaaaa !!

Before I went to shower I asked Haidhar

'Kaw gi mandi sorang2 pe ?'

'Aah. Sorang2 je.'

'Pehh, berani sial mandi sorang2. Semalam sanggup tunggu aku nak mandi same2.'


Nampak cam Haidhar ni penakut kan ? Well actually aku pung same ! But I always act cool. HAHA Cool la sangat. Kalaw da kena kacau ngan hantu baru taw cool tak cool sangat ah.

After that I went to the toilet alone. Haidhar once told me that he heard 'someone' breathing loudly while he was having his 'business'. Then my other roommate also said that he heard 'someone' screaming while taking a shower. So, obviously I was thinking about that all the way to the toilet. My heart beat increased like shit ! 

Aku masuk toilet dengan perasaan selamba. Letak barang2 aku kat sinki pas tu gi kencing jap. Habis je berdehem tibe2 perut aku macam menendang2. Aku dapat rase kan tahi2 yang terkumpul da mula nampak dunia. Aku ape lagi bukak paip air ready nak cangkung. Suddenly,


Aku tergamam. Fuuuu fuuuuuukkkkk. Bunyi ape siaaal ?! Aku tutup paip air. Bukak pintu dan


Fuuu fuukkkkkk ! Bunyi tu lagi ! Aku terus lari balek bilik mntak tolong Haidhar teman kan aku mandi ! Taik aku tersedut balek ! Macam siaall doe bunyi die. Nak bernafas pung agak2 laa. Tak payah nak kuat2 sangat ah. Sumpah bederau darah aku ! Haidhar yang tengah makan McD pung teman la aku dengan bawak kentang McD tu gi tandas. I qiuckly have my shower while the door open so that both of us can see each other. And of course I'm not naked. But its F-ing scared me !! Serius spooky gler babi !

p/s : If the ghost being seen from far then it's fine. But if it appears in front of me, I swear I collapse on the spot !

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Annoying Fesbuk-er

Facebook is the most popular social networking site ever exists. Friendster ? Myspace ? Those are for immature kids. I've used them before Facebook exists. Hell yeah ! Facebook is way cooler than those immature social networking sites. But there are some of the users didn't realize that this is Facebook ! Come on ! Its not Myspace. Please use your real name ! Its F-ing annoying ! I find Facebook very interesting because some of my long lost friends had been found here. Because they use their real names bro ! It is a very useful site for finding your long lost friends. Serius ! Aku tak bergurau ! Tapi ade manusia2 ataw lebih tepat lagi budak2 yang tak baligh lagi yang baru nak up guna Facebook macam Myspace. 

Sign up form stated 'first name' and 'last name'. Ape masalah korang ? Letak je lah name betol korang. Malu sangat ke ngan name masing2 ? Owhh. Tak cool laa kalaw letak name betol eh ? Kne letak name Pinky Girlz, Puteri Jerawat, Bontot ku Merah baru cool ? Baru lah market ? Baru lah orang nak add kaw ? Come on laa weiiyyh ! Macam bodo je letak name2 cam tu. My eyes vomited when I saw those shit craps. 

I don't mind if you want to put some fancy name but at least put up the name that people might know you. Bullshit lah name2 fancy ni. Yang buat aku bertambah menyirap nye da lah name cam babi pas tu profile picture letak gambar kartun, gambar motor, gambar pelakon Korea gay. It really annoyed me like crazy. I don't mind the name actually but at least the profile picture is the real one. If you're too shy to upload your real picture then that's fine but put up your real name please !! Tolonglah please ! You people haa make me mencarut leh all the time I see you people. Bloody hell betul.

Stop babbling now. Just see the pictures below.

Seriously ? Failed !

Yes. I know you're horny. Please add her to 'cheer' her up.
WTF mang ?
I felt like a dumb ass right now.
Please don't humiliate yourself. Remember ! This is Facebook fakka.

p/s : 68 friend request and I'm not approving. Why ? They're immature kids.