Wednesday, December 8, 2010


1st post for this month! Wuhaaaa! Rageeeee!

I feel like an idiot watching cartoons and crappy Indon drama or what so ever every evening of my life on this semester break! I watched cartoon when I was a kid but my type of cartoons are way more quality than what kids are watching nowadays. Way back in 2001 my dad bought this Waja and got free Astro. I was 9 years old and I discovered these cool channel on Astro which are Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon. There were tons of very very cool cartoons to watch and you wouldn't get bored. Plus, its in English! Original sound or language for most of the cartoons. I hate when my cousins and nephew came and change the language when watching cartoons. Astro have this particular button that can alter the language of the channel you are watching. So, they changed it and it sucks. Typical Meleis. Never even wanted to try watching the cartoons in its original language. Hey, I learned my English from these freaking Astro cartoons. And you know what, I love to add Malay subtitle on the screen just to learn English. See, I got to satisfied myself watching cartoons and learned English at the same time! How benefit was that? I feel grateful that I had Astro back then. My friends always ask me why my English is so good? I said 'I learned from cartoons' and they would make a troll face after hearing my answer. Cartoons is the total solutions for kids to learn English. So, Astro for my kids in the future. Ngeh3

Another thing is the Indon's drama. Dem sheet! I totally hate it! I don't know why but its F-ing annoying! I can't even understand what are the actors and actresses saying and their face expressions are so F-ing irritating! Plus, the camera will zoom in on their face expression like thousand times just to show how ugly their faces are. The most annoying thing is the hot and sexy actresses with just an inch to exposed their vagina in the drama would always say 'Ya Allah', 'Astargfirullah', 'Aku percaya sama Allah, Allah akan melindungi aku' and something like that. F-ing stupid. HAHA You believe in Allah yet you dressed like there's no cloth anymore in Indon. Owhh I forgot, all of the clothes were washed away by tsunami and burned by the volcanoes lava! LOL

Every evening except weekends I would rather go to sleep than watching tv. Now you know why I always sleep every evening (ni bukan alasan kuat tido tp kisah benar) HAHA My dad will finish cooking before 1.30 pm because he wants to watch the news on TV3. After the news finish at 2.00 pm I will have my lunch and go to bed after that because its the time for my sis to take over the whole tv! At 2.00 pm on TV3 got this Indon's drama called Alisa. I don't know how my sis got attracted to this drama. Is it a trend for kids nowadays to follow these Indon's drama? =.='

Nia Ramadhani is hot but F this drama though.
This show last for an hour but at 2.30 pm there is Wonder pets on TV9. My sis will change to TV9 and watch the stupid hamster, tortoise and the duck-like bird. It is stupid because the language is in Malay. As you know that Wonder pets sing most of the time. So, when it change to Malay they try to sing it base on the original tune and it sucks! 'Apa yang penting? Kerjasama!!' Shut the F up please.

The next show is Danny Phantom. Ok, I love this cartoons but in English. When it comes to Malay version once again it sucks! Why TV9 change the language of the cartoons? Shouldn't they keep the original version so that kids nowadays can learn something while not doing their homeworks. Haihh...

F the Malay version.

Right after Danny Phantom is Rocko's Modern Life. Cartoon ni tak best langsung! Aku tak tau kenape tapi memang aku tak suke. Lagi pun gambar serta lukisan cartoon die tak lawa and tak menarik. So, kte skip citer ni. After that is Kappa Mikey. This cartoon is hillarious but like I say earlier, in English. In Malay version lawak dalam cartoon ni tak jadi! Dan aku akan tergelak sebab lawak die tak jadi seraya terasa bodoh seketika. 

Then, its Catdog time. I don't like this cartoon also because the theme song is like someone babbling alien language and I can only hear clearly the word 'Catdog'. Theme song is a factor for me to watch certain cartoons. Stupid composer. Make another better Catdog theme song for me will you? 

Real life Catdog! HAHA

After that at 5.00 pm is the famous and hillarious Spongebob Squarepants. God! Love this cartoon very much! HAHA See, I'm laughing already. The theme song is very creative and funny. The characters are very funny especially Patrick 'Dumbass' Star. The jokes are very funny and you can't never forget. But on TV9 its in Malay. So, just like Kappa Mikey its hard to catch the jokes though. And some of the script in English has been altered when the Malay version take over. I'm a fan of Spongebob and I can memorise all the episode that have been showed on tv very detail on what Ptarick will say after this and so on. HAHA What a geek. And there goes my favourite cartoons that had been abused by Malay language. Es-hul

Great cartoon but violated by Malay language on TV9.
After this is Mutiara Hati I think. Another Indon's drama. I can't understand my sis would watch this Indon's drama. From 2.00 pm to 6.30 pm she takes over the tv with all the shitty craps that I mentioned up there. And I can't touch the remote because she would cry and mengengek2 kat ayah aku. So, I had to watch all the crappy show for the whole evening. That's why I rather go to bed than watching tv with my sis. Serius bodoh kartun2 yang di translatekan ni. Aku tengok pun terase bodoh. 


p/s : I didn't google the list of programmes but I memorise them. Fixed me if i'm wrong.


seungu jiwaku said...

wow! aku pun suka gak spongebob and danny danny phantom ;)
and i dont mind either in malay or english ;)

meerapieka said...

cartoon is best! hehe

Chee Yien said...

I agree the part : learn english from cartoon, Tv9 sud not change the cartoons' ori language
I partly disagree the part : hate Idon drama...(last time i used to watch it..but nt now)

anyway...I love spongebob squarepants....

JEJEH said...


kaw xmenjiwai bahasa doe

JEJEH said...


mmg best kalaw dalam BI


you watch those Indon's drama ?
salute laa

nadhrh said...

nu-uh i say no tv for our kids,it does damage to their brain.

Look what happen to us!LOL.

JEJEH said...


nope, i want our kids to have tv so that they can learn english and can speak english as good as you.
haaa ! >.<