Friday, July 29, 2011

Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku

Yesterday we all Malaysian watching our national team defeated by the Singaporeans. Its sad since this is the platform for our team to perform or qualified for the next FIFA world cup. Its in every Malaysian dreams to watch their favourite national team playing against other famous country. 

1st leg of the match we're down by 5-3. And yesterday I believe that Harimau Malaya would come back just like the match against Indonesia in AFF Suzuki cup. I was hoping that HM could beat those sea lions or mermaid lion I guess since the Singapore lion have fish scale. But in the end we're tied by 1-1. Thanks to Safee Sali for the goal. At least they perform well in front of us.

What I want to say is the squad are fatigue. You know why ? Arsenal wants to play with them, Liverpool too, Chelsea also want to play with them maa haiyaaa komfem diorang penat mau lawan Singapore lehh. Maybe its one of the factor. Other than that, the defensive line of our beloved squad weren't performing well. They didn't stay in one line as I supposed to trapped those Singaporean strikers in an offside position. When they didn't stay in one line, then the striker pass through them and all they're hoping is a flag-up from the linesman. Damn ! What was that bro ? Aku yang tak main pun tau bende2 cam ni. (lu cakap bole la bro, try main ngan ktorang tgk). Ok2. This is the function of spectators. To give opinion about what was wrong in the game so that our beloved Harimau Malaya could improve. 

I took the picture on the internet. This is what we (national football fans) feel when the final whistle blown. Maybe its not our rezeki. Maybe next time. I think I never supported our national team before. It started last two years when I saw some improvement from the national team. Plus, it ain't me alone you know. All of the Malaysian said so. See how many people come and supported them yesterday ? Compare to 5 / 10 years ago. All of the Malaysian trusted this team because of the improvement they made, their spirit and loved towards country.

Don't give up guys. Don't lose your faith on our national team. I believed one day our national team will be playing with England, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil and other famous country. Even though we loss to Singapore, but Harimau Malaya still in my heart. Till then, have a listen to Rebecca Black's Friday song!

p/s : Don't expect things too high and too low, because once you loose it, it'll be your greatest disappointment.

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