Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kewl New Language Yawww !

Raageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

I'm raging twice for a day ! What's wrong with nowadays short form ? I mean when we text messages or comment on Fesbuk there'll be at least one person that have this some sort of kewl language. 

'akoe skeww makawnn nawsiieew larghhh'

wtf is that ? I can't even find it in dictionary ! This is bullshit yaw. Some people doesn't know how to spell it right. Language killer ! FUKKEM ALL GHYEAAHH ! Why can't we just spell it like usual one. It would be nicer and easier to understand lah retardos ! I think they're handicap people. Deaf maybe. Possible of mute or anything that lead to learning problems during childhood. Its a humiliation to write like that because it is not kewl at all. I'm dead serious and I mean it. Not kewl not kewl not kewl not kewl and it makes you look like an attention seeker (jackass) LOL ! Ok, that's lame...kill me now arghhhhh ! Let's cut to the chase, I'm gonna show you some of the kewl language. Observe !

jurx ? HAHA
akoe ? what.. ???

tytet ?? athoiy ?? I can't even....FUUUUU

Her own friend didn't know what language she's using ! Damn !

tnyewr tat ???? Arghhhhhh !!!!!!!!

This is where she got trolled by her friend. 

And she didn't realized that she's being trolled ! TROLOLOL

Butthurt ?? Go buy yourself some butt cream but be careful not to wipe it in you asshole because batal puasa la nanti ! HAHAHAHA Ok, another lame joke. Please kill me nowwww !!!!
p/s : Its hard to update this blog with some quality jokes when you're lack of nicotine. Seriously tho !

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Nurul Afiqah said...

hahahaha gila tak faham aku! aku rasa ni la proses budak2 nak membesar, nanti diorg dah mcm kita (dah matured) maybe akn berubah jugak kot~