Monday, May 30, 2011

Congratulations !

Those who read this have become Pak Cik and Mak Cik.

Congrats congrats congrats ! Since this is the 30th post(baru 30 nak kecoh), so I'm gonna make this post the cutest one. 

Congrats again to all of you because all of you have become Pak Cik and Mak Cik. Eh ? Why so surprise ? HAHA Actually I just want to introduce my twins with B : Kiah and Karim. Yes, a boy and a girl. Its a very rare twin since its a boy and a girl. Most of the twins are the same gender. So lucky me ! 

They've been living with us for the past few days and they kinda gained some weight very fast. HAHA Of course they pumped up quickly since they just eat, sleep and wander around. Most important thing is they are super duper cute !

There they are ! Sleep all the time -.-

Kiah and Karim. Again, sleeping.
It's kinda hard to take care of them because I can't even take a good care of myself. But I try. Why Kiah and Karim ? Ahhhhh... I don't know. Its not me who in charged of giving the name. Kiah kinda sepet while Karim have a big round eyes. That's how to differentiate them. But still I get confuse most of the time.

FYI, since semester 1 till now there is always ants wander around my partition and they love to hangout at my laptop. Its really2 annoying ! They never once ask permission from me to use my laptop. I think they've build a castle inside my laptop. Now, they want to make friend with Kiah and Karim. B told me that Kiah love to be friend with lizard. Ok that's weird. Maybe Kiah is way too friendly sampai semut pung nak kawan ngan die. In before the ants come and bite them I Google some of the ways to get rid of the ants from Kiah and Karim. You know what is the best way ?

I put strong tape around the cage ! HAHA
HAHAHAHAA Take that you tiny little red ass minions ! Let see which stupid red ass got stucked on my brilliant tape ! Now, no ants can be friend with my boboy and gegirl. 

That's all for today. Tata !

p/s : I've unleashed a wrath of a super protective Dad !


nadhrh said...

i miss my babies already T.T

take good care of them ye b .

*kesian dye jdi baba tunggal since mama have to stdy far away . hihi

Anonymous said...

haha. comel duhh jay. i mean this entry. not that berbulu's hamster. =_____='