Sunday, July 24, 2011


Finally ! Its overrrrrrrr !!!!!!! My tired life is over and I'm happy like a pig ! (eh, ape kaitan ngan pig?) Yes, its all over the place right now. Everyone is talking about the great event that happened yesterday. MAPAS (i don't know if it is the correct acronym) since many people used 'MAPAS' so aku pun gune la. Yela2, MAPAS stands for Majlis Apresiasi ASPer. Puas ? 

I'm proud to declare myself as the boss of decoration for this event. I thought the job was easy but turned out to be full of tahi ! Penat nak mampos ! It started last Monday. Since that I can't remember how many times I got up for class. I almost forgot my class timetable. Every night I slept at 3 / 4 am and to wake up early to class.....emm..nahh sleep is more important yaww ! Although the event went smoothly but the pain through out in preparing for the event is really tahi. Almost everyday I had to rent or borrowed my friends car to buy things for the decoration. The budget provided is not enough I guess since I had to use my own money. That does not include the car rental and fuel. But the event must be a 'grand' one. 

'lu nak grand, budget pun in grand la der.'

But I managed to find some cheap place for many things in Bangi. There I could cut down the cost. But still not enough because the helium balloon are fukken expensive ! RM350 for 120 balloons. But that balloon uncle is a very nice person. 

'halo, ini balloon world supply ke?'
'ya ada apa?'
'saya mau tempah 100 biji belon'
'bole2, u mau buat apa?'
'i ada ini satu event mau pakai belon dekat putrajaya. saya mau 1 balloon arch sama itu 20 biji belon helium bole?'
'bole2, semua skali RM350, nanti u sms i u punye event dekat mana ha'
'u chinese ke malay?'
'saya malay la tauke'
'oohh, tapi u cakap malay macam cina maa'
'saya skola cina dulu'
'hai ya, ni zhen me bu yao gen wo jiang hua yi leh?'

I chat with him in Chinese. Guess what ? That tauke come and give me 30 more helium gas balloon for me. Cool eh ? Untung lah reti cakap cina. HAHA Tapi yang sedih nye I've to give out RM100 of my money for the balloons because the budget is not enough and I'm gonna claim it !!! Duit kuaq macam air der. Tak raye la aku macam ni. Tiap2 malam makan megi je la.

I want to thank to my decoration team for all the supports and commitment. Thanks to Meemah, Fifah, Arda, Meera, Asnira, Amal, Ipin, Akmal, Hakim, Sultan and others who helped us indirectly and I'm gonna claim the money that you all used for decorations. I'm sorry for causing a lot of trouble to you. Because of me most of you didn't go to class and I'm sorry. I wished I could replace your attendance with mine. 

It's very relieving (perasan baru lepas berak gitu) after all the hard work and I'm proud of our decorations since many of those camwhores taking picture at our props as background. I'm happy since all my family were there at the event. Kiah and Karim and their pups were there and we manage to take our family potrait ! yeaah !

1st family potrait ! Damn I looked so old

And that is one of the props
And one more thing, I'm gonna curse those who popped all the balloons because aku tak raye sebab belon2 tu korang senang2 pecah kn. Sial la ptuih !

p/s : I overslept and wake up with a panda eye ! (gosh i almost forgot how to use blogger)


Afifah Ahmad said...

cian ko jay,,takpe dah habis dah azb tu sume,,jdi pasni sila dtg kelas ye..full attendance! claim,jgn tak claim!hihi

Mohd Hafizd said...

Hi, canni have the contact number of that uncle? urgent. I need to find helium ballon this Sunday. pls response asap in kjg area.


glowing party house said...

Kat bangi pon ada party shop di reko sentral sederet econsave.. ada jual helium balloons n balloon deco