Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cuci Mata

I'm a person who loves to lepak with my friends. Other than sitting at mamak's stall, layan shisha sampai mabuk, round2 JB, me with my friends love to do this particular thing when we get together. 

Kat JB ade satu tempat ni name die SUSUR. Dekat2 ngan Court's Mammoth Larkin. One of the attraction for the tourist including penduduk tetap JB is the Maknyahs! HAHA! Agak pelik bile dak2 laki keluar lepak same2 sume otak jadi bengong. Excited when dapat jumpe Maknyahs (dari jauh la). Bile da nampak clearly wajah mereka yang 'ayu'...... (sume orang menjerit!) 

Phewwit! Baru lepas ke bang? Err.. Akak perhaps?

Other than SUSUR, there's one great spot to checkout for Maknyahs. JB is famous for its City Square. Near the City Square ade kuil India. Senang citer sekitar kuil tu macam Indian town la. Then, there's a street(don't know the name actually) is full of Indian Maknyahs! HAHA! All of them are tough! I think they 'workout' often.(beware of tough guys near you!) Sekali pandang macam perempuan, dua kali pandang ade 'benda' terjulur kat bawah skirt! Ohh Am Gee!

Damn you Maknyahs! HAHA!
FYI, our prime minister had proposed '1 Malaysia'. Yeahh, I kinda agreed with that. Now we have Malay and Indian Maknyahs, so we missed out the Chinese! I didn't managed to find a Chinese Maknyahs yet in JB. I'll try my best to search for it and I'll upload the picture. But still, google is the best yaww! 

I'm turned on when she/he made this horny face! LOL!
I'm not trying to buruk2 kan diorang. They'll just trying to find sesuap nasi.(ayat skema habis!) Surely, they bring joy and fun to me and also my retarded friends. I suggest you to do this with your friends. It's fun because you will get excited when seeing these Maknyahs. But when you come near them, you will scream like hell! HAHA! After that you all will start to kutuk2 diorang and their faces surely will stay in your freaking mind forever!

p/s : Wait till they say 'adik nak tumpang abang boleh?' Auwwwww!


seungu jiwaku said...

sengal lah korg ni..
kat bp xjumpa pon aku..
ko google ckit kat bp port maknyah, aku pon nk tgk gak :)

JEJEH said...


haha kaw search je laa kat google
kompem ade

zach said...

GAHAHAHAAA. sumpah seram kot kalau nak lalu kat susur tu.

hari tu member ade citer pasal sorang maknyah yang femes kat situ. tak ingat pulak nama dia.


JEJEH said...


ni lagi hebat siap taw name

E.I.Q.A said...

sengal gile ko jay2..
tp bergaya la cite ko...

JEJEH said...


aku begaye ke maknyah tu?