Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tips For Annoying Fesbuker

Ragggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!

Every time I log into Fesbuk there'll be some retards updating stupid status. Yup. Stupidos amigos status. It's annoyyyyyyyyying ! Seriously, don't you guys felt the same way ? I've updated some stupid status as well but when I think about it I was like 'wtf am I doing bro ?' The whole world is seeing your status on their news feed. Well if you got some retards friends on your Fesbuk I'm sure you've been through the same situation like me. So, here some rage comics for the retards.

In before butthurt !

p/s : It's the final moment. Just a week away and its over. It's gonna be tough for sure.


aqilah said...

gula kapas gula?

dengan siapa kau friend nih jj? hahahahhahah.

JEJEH said...

haha. kantoi jugak name beliau. tapi status atas tu org lain punye. aku remove friends tu random je.

bag_2 said...

okeh, sy like komen yg pertama,
cane bleh kantoi ni j? haha

JEJEH said...

hahaha. kesilapan teknikal di situ.

chipsmore_thunderstorm said...

ak singgah blog kw,terharu x?haha~