Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Melayu ke Cina ?

Bace tajuk da taw da aku nk cita pasal ape. Just now ade sorang makcik tengah berdiri kat luar pintu lif. Maybe she forgot to bring along her card and therefore she can't enter. She stand there waiting for someone to come with a card to swipe on the gate so that she can enter the elevator. Fortunately I came to save her day. Pity her though. Da la tua kerepot bawak barang tak macam berat pulak kn. Cam ne aku taw barang tu berat ? Sebab aku yang tolong angkat kn. Baik kan aku ? HAHA All of sudden got cahaya Illahi to help that makcik. Before I forget she is Chinese. 

Then we entered the elevator together. Sweet kn ? HIHI Hanya aku dan makcik tu je dalam lif tersebut. Tibe2 tangan aku dan makcik tu meraba2. Setelah puas meraba2 kami guna kan mase yang ade seblom lif tiba di tingkat 6 (umah aku) dengan berkenalan dan bermesraan. When the elevator reached the 6th floor I hold her hands and said goodbye. Aku keluar lif dengan muka puas. Ahhh.. Puas gler.

Balik ke topik asal. When I went to help that makcik she said 

'Xie xie ni ah'  

WTF ? I'm Malay laa makcik. But I just smiled and said you're welcome in Chinese. Serius pelik. Why she speak Chinese with me ? Do I look like org Cina ? Seriously someone tell me do I have the Chinese fetish ? Sejak sekolah menengah lagi my friends ejek Cina, colok, sepet and others that related to Chinese. When I was a kid I do looked like Chinese. But now I've got pimples everywhere and my skin gets darker due to often exposed by sunlight but still people thought that aku org Cina.

After SPM I worked at Silver Planet as promoter. Well, many Chinese people asked me in Chinese regarding the price or whatever they wanted to ask. Kadang2 aku rase cam Melayu murtad. HAHA Lepas diorang tnye dalam bahase Cina diorang akan buat mke orang bau taik kude. Then they will ask

'Eh, you Chinese ka Malay?'

Every single time someone ask me in Chinese they will paused for a while and ask me if Im Malay or Chinese. Frust jgak kadang2. Tapi ape bole bwat. Orang ingat aku ni Jay Chou agak nye. HAHA

To clear out the air, meraba2 dalam lif tu actually meraba2 button lif ye. Holding hands is where I gave her things back. Muka puas ? HAHA Puas la dapat tolong orang. Seriously no hanky panky. I do have a taste ok. Orang tua pulak tu. Kedut2 suda. HAHA Berkenalan dan bermesra, we chat for a while in the elevator. That's all. For those who may think negatively, you should go to the nearest washing machine and rinse your brain out.

p/s : I think I will hang a board that said 'If you think I'm Chinese you're damn stupid'.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Lame sial tak update. Ni mungkin sebab bosan sangat duduk umah sampai tak taw nak post ape lagi. Hari ni post yang sangat bangsat from me untuk anda semua so bear with me.

 2 days ago is the day. People were posting in Fesbuk about their results and so do I. Of cos people like me result kompem macam bangsat. HAHA Mane tak bangsat, keje enjoy je. Study last minute. People studies to obtain knowledge and used in daily life ahead. As for me, I studied for exam only. So, nawaitu dah lain jadi result pung macam harrmmmm.

Result aku yang sangat bangsat

Kenapa bangsat ? Sebab pointer aku tak lepas 3.00 tapi aku bersyukur kerana pointer aku lebih 2.5. Alhamdulillah. Actually the result tak de la bangsat mane. The process of checking the result was quiete bangsat. That's why I called this 'result bangsat'. A week earlier, kecoh babi 1 Fesbuk pasal result kuar hari ni lah hari tu lah, esok makan taik lah, lusa makan kapur barus lah. Sampai satu tahap tu too many informations about the result and I'm the one watching their comments felt like I'm in the world of Malaysian politics yang entah hape2. F habis. Then came out the 'hero' who saved the day. Kind of. Last Thursday he/she (couldn't recall) made a statement that result can be check that night. Some of them already check and started showed off on Fesbuk 'Alhamdulilahh... pointer aku plg tinggi', 'Yes! Next sem da bole lepak2' and some of them were trying to beg sympathy 'Macam mane ni, teruk gler result aku.', 'Tak pe la, mungkin sem depan rezki aku, doa kn aku eh.' Eeiiii... meluat habis aku bace. Aku excited jugak nak cek, unfortunately I was lepak-ing at the McD nearby my house. Plus, my handphone doesn't have WLAN. Got torchlight only for camping in the woods. About 3 a.m I went home and saw those status being post on Fesbuk.

1st of all I search the link on someone's post on Fesbuk. Finding the link was like cooking for me. Susah nak mampos! Apesal tah. Macam bangsat. My mates created a group on Fesbuk for our batch in UPM. I went there to see all the comments and posts hopefully got the link that I wanted. It failed me. Everyone were so eager to rate and comment on their own result with others. But that didn't stopped me. I kept on searching on every wall of my friends to see whether they have posted or shared the link. Mata aku da rabak habis. Dekat pukul 4 a.m baru aku jumpe link tersebut. Finally! Bangsat betol. Dalam banyak2 komen and status, amoi sorang ni je yang aku dpt jmpe die share link ni kat orang ramai. Yang lain sume tengah tacing2. Bodo jek. Amoi ni relax je bai. Tak de nak tacing2. Mgkn die 4 flat sbb tu die tak tacing kot. HEHE So, thanks to this Amoi.

Berpeloh jugak la ketiak aku mencari link ni. Ketiak belah kanan extreme sikit peloh die. Without wasting any time I click on the link and Taddaaaa ! Aku lupe ape password aku. Bangsat betol laa. Sumpah aku lupe! Seingat aku, I only use one password for all account. Fesbuk, Utube, Blogger, Myspace etc.(perlu ke mention Myspace?) So, I've try all the possible password that I may used as password to certain account. Ngalahkan hacker professional nak break the code but couldn't log in. I went back to Fesbuk to search anything that related to the log in troubleshooting. At the same time azan Subuh berkumandang and I looked at the clock. Bangsat betol la. Nak log in jadah ni nak cek result makan mase siaaa. Baik aku tido je kan. Then I found someone's comment that said he can logged in a few hours ago but now he couldn't. Dangg ! Kalaw aku taw awal2 lagi aku da tido.

Suddenly my neck hurts and I woke up on the sofa. Giler punye portal. Nak log in pun payah sampai aku tertido atas sofa. Nasib baek tak meletop lappy aku. I made an assumption that the portal can be log in during office hour. So, I tried again and it won't work. I gave up and visited the UPM portal and found this

Click on the picture for better view.

read the 'pengumuman' section. So, what the hell are you guys gelabah sangat ek? Tak payah nk gelabah sangat la siaa. Can't wait to show off and begging sympathy. Serius bangsat. Setelah penat lelah sembelit menunggu akhirnye result aku kuar 2 hari lepas and aku terasa seperti nk berak ble tgk result aku yang macam bangsat tu. Da la nak cek log in tak bole2. Ble da dpt log in cam ni plak result nye.

About the result aku amat berbangga walaupun 2.7 je pointer aku. Ape yang penting ape yg aku blaja gler2 babi pnye hard tak dpt B / A. Yang aku tak blaja pulak dpt B / A. So pas ni aku tak blaja la. Bole dapat 4 flat. HAHA Besides I studied for exam only kn. This is what I deserve and I made a status on Fesbuk and my friend said something valuable to me.

Thank you Etan. Click on the picture for better view.

 I made up a theory from his words. If I cut my hair aku akan blaja. And I cut my hair right after that. Wise decision eh? HAHA Bangsat.

p/s : Glory glory Man Utd for tonight match with Chelsea !

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


1st post for this month! Wuhaaaa! Rageeeee!

I feel like an idiot watching cartoons and crappy Indon drama or what so ever every evening of my life on this semester break! I watched cartoon when I was a kid but my type of cartoons are way more quality than what kids are watching nowadays. Way back in 2001 my dad bought this Waja and got free Astro. I was 9 years old and I discovered these cool channel on Astro which are Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon. There were tons of very very cool cartoons to watch and you wouldn't get bored. Plus, its in English! Original sound or language for most of the cartoons. I hate when my cousins and nephew came and change the language when watching cartoons. Astro have this particular button that can alter the language of the channel you are watching. So, they changed it and it sucks. Typical Meleis. Never even wanted to try watching the cartoons in its original language. Hey, I learned my English from these freaking Astro cartoons. And you know what, I love to add Malay subtitle on the screen just to learn English. See, I got to satisfied myself watching cartoons and learned English at the same time! How benefit was that? I feel grateful that I had Astro back then. My friends always ask me why my English is so good? I said 'I learned from cartoons' and they would make a troll face after hearing my answer. Cartoons is the total solutions for kids to learn English. So, Astro for my kids in the future. Ngeh3

Another thing is the Indon's drama. Dem sheet! I totally hate it! I don't know why but its F-ing annoying! I can't even understand what are the actors and actresses saying and their face expressions are so F-ing irritating! Plus, the camera will zoom in on their face expression like thousand times just to show how ugly their faces are. The most annoying thing is the hot and sexy actresses with just an inch to exposed their vagina in the drama would always say 'Ya Allah', 'Astargfirullah', 'Aku percaya sama Allah, Allah akan melindungi aku' and something like that. F-ing stupid. HAHA You believe in Allah yet you dressed like there's no cloth anymore in Indon. Owhh I forgot, all of the clothes were washed away by tsunami and burned by the volcanoes lava! LOL

Every evening except weekends I would rather go to sleep than watching tv. Now you know why I always sleep every evening (ni bukan alasan kuat tido tp kisah benar) HAHA My dad will finish cooking before 1.30 pm because he wants to watch the news on TV3. After the news finish at 2.00 pm I will have my lunch and go to bed after that because its the time for my sis to take over the whole tv! At 2.00 pm on TV3 got this Indon's drama called Alisa. I don't know how my sis got attracted to this drama. Is it a trend for kids nowadays to follow these Indon's drama? =.='

Nia Ramadhani is hot but F this drama though.
This show last for an hour but at 2.30 pm there is Wonder pets on TV9. My sis will change to TV9 and watch the stupid hamster, tortoise and the duck-like bird. It is stupid because the language is in Malay. As you know that Wonder pets sing most of the time. So, when it change to Malay they try to sing it base on the original tune and it sucks! 'Apa yang penting? Kerjasama!!' Shut the F up please.

The next show is Danny Phantom. Ok, I love this cartoons but in English. When it comes to Malay version once again it sucks! Why TV9 change the language of the cartoons? Shouldn't they keep the original version so that kids nowadays can learn something while not doing their homeworks. Haihh...

F the Malay version.

Right after Danny Phantom is Rocko's Modern Life. Cartoon ni tak best langsung! Aku tak tau kenape tapi memang aku tak suke. Lagi pun gambar serta lukisan cartoon die tak lawa and tak menarik. So, kte skip citer ni. After that is Kappa Mikey. This cartoon is hillarious but like I say earlier, in English. In Malay version lawak dalam cartoon ni tak jadi! Dan aku akan tergelak sebab lawak die tak jadi seraya terasa bodoh seketika. 

Then, its Catdog time. I don't like this cartoon also because the theme song is like someone babbling alien language and I can only hear clearly the word 'Catdog'. Theme song is a factor for me to watch certain cartoons. Stupid composer. Make another better Catdog theme song for me will you? 

Real life Catdog! HAHA

After that at 5.00 pm is the famous and hillarious Spongebob Squarepants. God! Love this cartoon very much! HAHA See, I'm laughing already. The theme song is very creative and funny. The characters are very funny especially Patrick 'Dumbass' Star. The jokes are very funny and you can't never forget. But on TV9 its in Malay. So, just like Kappa Mikey its hard to catch the jokes though. And some of the script in English has been altered when the Malay version take over. I'm a fan of Spongebob and I can memorise all the episode that have been showed on tv very detail on what Ptarick will say after this and so on. HAHA What a geek. And there goes my favourite cartoons that had been abused by Malay language. Es-hul

Great cartoon but violated by Malay language on TV9.
After this is Mutiara Hati I think. Another Indon's drama. I can't understand my sis would watch this Indon's drama. From 2.00 pm to 6.30 pm she takes over the tv with all the shitty craps that I mentioned up there. And I can't touch the remote because she would cry and mengengek2 kat ayah aku. So, I had to watch all the crappy show for the whole evening. That's why I rather go to bed than watching tv with my sis. Serius bodoh kartun2 yang di translatekan ni. Aku tengok pun terase bodoh. 


p/s : I didn't google the list of programmes but I memorise them. Fixed me if i'm wrong.