Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Trip !

Yahooooooooo !

Last week gua pegi Genting bro ! Bapak gua datang hari jumaat angkut gua terus naik Genting. Gempak tak gempak la kn. Plus, gua dapat naik kereta baru der. Tapi sebelum tu gua kene pegi KL Tower dulu sebab bapak gua tunggu kat sinun. As I arrived at Raja Chulan's monorail station, da nampak KL Tower nye kat blkg semak2 tu. Tapi nak sampai ke KL Tower tu yang masalah sikit. Then, I'll just wander around and hopefully find out the main entrance but I failed. Dapat peluh kat ketiak je. Nak naik teksi ? Duet ade RM5 je bro. Tah lepas ke tak nak naek teksi. I called my dad to pick me up here but he said

'naek teksi je la kalaw cam tu'

'duet tak banyak la'

'xpe, nnt sampai sini ayah bayar la'

Here's the fukken part of the journey. As we all know taxi used their meter during the day and fixed price during the night. Of course the starting value is always RM2. As the taxi goes to the KL Tower, I was hoping that the price wouldn't reach RM5 and it didn't. It was RM4.90 but when I give that fukken old man RM5 he said

'enam linggit la adik'

'huh? enam linggit meh? bukan empat linngit sembilan ah?'

'bukan2. enam linggit'

'sikijap saye punye ayah sikit lagi mau sampai'

'tak apa lah. 5 linggit suda'

'ok. tenkiu ah angkel' !*Y@*&^#&^&TYGHJYJFSDFTYE%^URT^&

Menyirap sial. Bole pulak RM6 tibe2. Macam tahi ! 

Well, I got excited when ayah wanted to go to the restaurant on KL Tower. RM69.00 per head and eat all you can eat ! Plus, the restaurant is moving in circle ! Wohoooo ! Sumpah jakun.

Ni round ke-2. Hihi

Nice bro !
Lepas makan, we're off to Genting ! Yeehaaaw ! 

1st ride of the day in outdoor theme park, Qilah cried ! HAHA Mase beratur muke kemain kental jek. Baru duduk hambek kaw. Menanges beb. Tengah pusing2 pung still nanges. HAHA

Our 1st ride. HAHA
Behind that ride is our hotel where we stay for the night. Its cozy, the view is nice which is the theme park and spacious ! After Qilah cried I thought of something to cheer her up. So, we took a ride on this.... I don't know what to say. Just observe.

Lame !
Mariah Carey go round. Sumpah best tak tipu ! Ade pony, elephant, best ! Die pusing2 plak tu... Laju sangat die pusing. Mmg tak bosan laa. HAHA

The best place is the snow world. Aku tak taw ape yang best tapi best la. HAHA Haaaa ! Best sebab nafas kite berasap ble kat dalam tu ! 

My sis, Qilah. Suke letteew!
Yg mcm korean ni abg Qilah. HAHA
Last but not least, ayah still get to ride in the skyway (cable car) when we were going down. The door is small and we have to carry ayah into the cockpit then un-deployed the wheelchair and just sumbat it in the cable car. The result..

Tadaa ! Ok I forgot to include the wheelchair. -.-
It's a hell of a weekend. Its about 6 years since my family had a trip together. Now, I'm more to friends trip. Because it's hard for ayah to move around especially the place got no ramps and OKU's facilities. Thank God that Gohtong build all the OKU's needs at Genting. So, that's all for this post. Oh, before I forgot, we went to Port Dickson after that. HEHE I'm having a good Wednesday morning because Physics class canceled ! So, have a good Wednesday everyone !

p/s : Lim Goh Tong. May your soul rest in peace.


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