Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fresh Start

Yehaaaww!! It's been 3 days in my 2nd semester. It's kinda relaxing because my schedule is made-people-jealous-when-they-see-it type. Haha. I'm taking 16 credit hours with 2 killer subjects. Just this morning my lecturer for Crop Physiology warned the students of how hard it is. Damn. Starting kelas da down. Luckily, lecturer die sempoi. Syok jugak la belajar.

For your information, i've cut my hair! I love keepinf my hair long but I'm too lazy to take care of it. So I cut it short and neat. Pfffttt. Sebenarnye aku bernazar. Kalau pointer 3.5 aku botak, kalau lepas 3.0 je aku potong je la sikit. Result? Ramai awek dok usha aku. Haha. Ok tu aku tipu. So have a look at my schedule!

Have a happy Thursday! Jangan dok malas pi kelas. Kang lecturer ngamuk paling teruk hidung bedarah je.

p/s : koko futsal sabtu ni dengan Mahali Jasuli bai!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Its the day that I've been waiting for. Result day ! Jeng3. Pheww. It's kinda dusty in here. Long time no see eyh stupid blog. So it's going to start for the 2nd semester, in degree. Well it's kinda enjoying yet tiring. It feels like you live alone in the world of degree. Forever alone........

Sneak peek of my results.

Yup. It's the Pi value. 3.142 = 22/7. Don't know ? You're dumb. LOL

p/s : Hari2 bawak kete sewa. Kecewa dengan hidup aku sekarang.

Monday, December 5, 2011

From Zero To Negative

Fuckity Fuck

Yesterday I lost my phone and today something fucked up again. It's the 12th week and we have to register for next semester course and you know what ? 

Fuck this. After going back from Central Market yesterday I bought myself a phone. Samsung bodoh je. And also renewed my number.

'lagi setengah jam activate'
'ok. tq'

Almost 12 hours and it still not activated yet bitch ! 1/2 an hour eh ? Fuck you lahh maxis ! So, alternatively I used my celcom number for a while waiting for that maxis number to be activated. So, there you go. Every single fuck is given today !

p/s : There's a reason why I didn't bought that BlackBerry. Phewww !

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kiah & Karim

Nothing much to say. Just a video that I want to share. It surprised me when both of them not so afraid of me. Bunch of adorable pets.

Its where my mind feel empty and all the tense are gone when playing with them. Kinda proud though. I'm able to feed them ! HIHI

p/s : Too much to read on Kenegaraan & Hubungan Etnik. I'm so fucked up. Test is just around the corner. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This is serious 

I read my friend's blog yesterday and I came across this one post about fire in UiTM Shah Alam. 1st of all some of my friends pursuing their degrees there and for sure I'm worried about them since fire broke out there. Well then I was like wondering how the fire started ? Well you know what ? Haiihhh.... It's humiliating laaa bro to tell you. But I'll tell you anyway.

Not need to say much.
Cigarette ??? Plus, that blog stated that there is one smarty ass throw the cigarette in the dustbin and then fire broke out. I was like whattt ? Like seriously ?? In the dustbin ??? Fire ??? Please kill me nowww !!

Aku terase tempias blog kawan aku tu sebab I'm a smoker bitch. HAHA But based on my experiences I never throw a damn cigarette in a dustbin before because it doesn't make sense. Usually just pinch the cigarette on the dustbin. Then you can throw it in the dustbin stupid ! At least padam la bara die dulu baru lah buang. Bangang bertingkat2. Harap je masuk UiTM. Malu aku selaku perokok terkenal. Tapi nak buat macam mane benda da berlaku. Plus, since the last 5 years I've been smoking not even once a fire broke out at my house, hostel or anywhere. What just happened at UiTM Shah Alam is just plain stupidity. 

Simple as shit. Just step on the cigarette and its done ! Probably he loves UiTM so much and have the intention to keep it clean. So, there you go, in the dustbin and fire out. Gyeaahhh !!!!

Credits to A.S.P.I.R.E for the pictures and the info.

p/s : Makin suke lah pak guard UiTM bwat spot check kat budak2 nanti. Tahniah !