Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm sure all of you familiar with the word 'Maggi'. In fact it is so powerful since most of the people use it on other brand of instant noodle. Whether it is Mamee or Cintan we still call them Maggi right? HAHA So, sume orang mesti pernah makan punyelah Maggi ni. Tipu lah kalau korang cakap korang tak pernah makan. Even my 9 years old sis love to eat it. Tapi die suke hirup kuah Maggi je la. Tak ire lah Maggi ke Cintan ke Mamee ke asalkan instant noodle.

In case you didn't know how Maggi look like

Back in hostel when lunch or dinner menu were tasteless, I would starved for a while and have a nice delicious Maggi after prep class. These Maggi are so precious in hostel because it is the most important menu during weekend especially midnight! Students tend to doze off extra time during weekend and missed their lunch or dinner time. Therefore they craved for these precious Maggi! In that time if you had a lot of Maggi stocks, I'm sure you get rich quick. HAHA 

When I was in Form 1, I hate when there is a spotcheck. You know why? Because the wardens will rampas these Maggi! And I'm guessing that these Maggi are 'barang haram' just like the handphone and other gadgets. LOL Till now I still don't understand why did these Maggi fall under that category. Oooh, I get it. The wardens were starving because their salary weren't enough to buy extra food for themselves!

When it comes to Maggi, of course we have to cook it. But there's a few ways to consume them according to Dr. Maggi which is me! Ngeh3 So, the 1st method is of course the hot water. Its a bit leceh but hey, no pain no gain. Sendiri nak makan kena lah rajin and finding a tupperware wasn't hard though. So, put the hard waxy noodle in the tupperware and pour some hot water in it just about the height of the noodle. Leave it for a while and scaterred the flavour around so that the hard waxy noodle will absorb the flavour. And there you go, nice hot and delicious Maggi.

2nd method is you don't have to use a tupperware, and hot water. This is the lazy method ladies and gents. FYI, the water cooler is very far! And this method was invented unintentionally. Aku akan jadi pelik kalau aku lapar and at that time I was hungry and tanpa berfikir masak2 aku terus membuka bungkusan Maggi tersebut. Then I feel stupid because I don't have a tupperware plus the kid I used to borrow his tupperware was not available. So, I sit down in front of my locker thinking how to find a tupperware. Then my finger started to cubit2 the hard waxy noodle and put it in my mouth. Hey, the tatse wasn't so bad and I wonder how it would taste if I sprinkle the flavour just like the 30 cents Mamee Monster. You know what, the taste went well and a bit spicy. The best of instant noodle to consume this way is the Ibumie Mi Goreng. Because they have kicap, sos and bawang goreng! Kriuk2 gitu. No hot water? No tupperware? No problem. 

Eat those Maggi just like you eat these Mamee monster!
The last method is done in kitchen at home. I don't know bout you guys but my way of preparing Maggi is different. As usual the height of water is the same as the height of the noodle because the kuah tak terlebih dan tak terkurang. Just the way i like it. Plus the kuah tak la tawar atau pekat. Then I take out the noodle out and boil the water simultaneously put the flavour in it. When the flavoured water boiled, I'll put the Maggi and an egg in it and quickly turned off the stove fire because I love the noodle to be a bit crunchy and the egg is kinda halfboiled. Aku tak suka Maggi kembang nanti muak nak makan. Telur pulak aku suke makan last2 lagi2 part yang kuning. Pehhhh! Masuk mulot meleleh2 kuning telur tu! Layann siaaa! Before that I love to pour a ton of chilli sauce in it. To enhance the spicy taste in it. Tak pedas tak sedap bro.

I think that's all about my way of having Maggi. You should try though. Btw, do share some of your weird method of having Maggi. Happy Monday yaww!

p/s : My dad ask me to cut down eating spicy food because he worries about my pimples. Haihh. 


meerapieka said...

i like maggie asam laksa!! haha

nadhrh said...

i heart maggie ! haha

Faidzul Firdaus Mastor said...

and i think your ddad is right .
makanan pedas termasok dalam "makanan panas"
kalu makan , mke bleh naik berminyak , menyebabkan mke banyak jerawat .

JEJEH said...


kaw pnah try maggi itik x?
u shud try every type of maggi


b mmg
huh =b

JEJEH said...


aku taw sejak azali
tp xsedap doe xpedas
mknn panas tu ape?
rokok eh?

mizzlullaby said...

haha . pimples ! gunelah oxy10 ! :))

JEJEH said...


mmg gne tu pung
bole la bwat geli2 jerawat

Anonymous said...

inchik jejeh, kow bwt aku lapa tenga2 malam ney! ahh, nak try cre ketiga tu lah. menggiurkan seyh! "."

JEJEH said...


mmg wajib cube

seungu jiwaku said...

mesti time tulis ni kau bru pas abes mkn maggi an jay2! ;))

JEJEH said...


mne de
ni sbb da tiap2 pagi aku mkn