Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tak Senonoh

This month kinda slow for new post. 1st I'm busy with my final exam then I kinda need to pay all my sleep debt this semester break because of late night study during final exam. (da memang kuat tido saje cari alasan) HAHA! So, I want to share things that I did way back in my primary school era.

I studied in Chinese primary school in Segamat. SRJKC Seg Hwa Segamat to be the school where I turned to devil. I mixed up with the Chinese pretty well. Yeah, pretty well and I mean it. I learned how to steal, fight, stalk, curse and most important thing that I learned was sex. All of these things I've learned when I was 9 years old. Ya Allah, terok nye kau Jay2. But, the most interesting part of being such a devil was peeping girls underwear! LOL

Of course all of you knew that girls uniform in Chinese school is the pinafore. So, when Monday we have assembly at the hall. Back then my class was at the highest storey of the school block and of course we had to use the staircase to go to the hall. This is where I peeps the girls underwear. We line up in front of the class and boys will be lining up at the front of the girls. So, when I went down the staircase, I looked up. Guess what? I can saw many types of undie and hotpants of those girls. Cunning eyh? HAHA!

In case you didn't know. This is pinafore.

No need to say much.

What a very stupid thing to do. Hey, don't blame me. I'm very naive and immature. Blame my friends for teaching me. HAHA! What an experience. But I won't forget when I saw some boys didn't wear anything at all other than short uniform pants! No wonder my friends didn't unzipped when they pee. They just simply pull their pants at a suitable height and there you are, urine goes out. Efficient eyh? LOL

p/s : Go to Chinese school, easy to score Biology subject in the future. 


nadhrh said...

OMG!Pervert! =.='

JEJEH said...

ni time kecik2 dulu lahhh

plumpy.tootsie said...

score biology tak mse kt high chool?

Lyecye said...

Jejeh.....jejeh......wat can i say more.....

JEJEH said...


score la jgak
bab yg berkaitan ah


it was peer pressure

seungu jiwaku said...

BONGEK punye jay2!
no wonder lah, HAHAHA

meerapieka said...

serabai ah kau! hahaha

JEJEH said...


kenangan manis kat skola rendah


ape serabai2?
normal ah laki

Hasif rozali said...

hahaha. tebaek

JEJEH said...


zaman pramatang
biase ah tu