Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Many F Roadblocks Nowadays

Since last week I've been going out all night till dawn with my friends. Yelah, semenjak dua menjak ni ade kete terase ringan pulak nak tumpangkan orang. I kinda follow my brother driving habit which is not wearing the seatbelt and smoking while driving. Barulah brother2! HAHA

So, when driving of course the possibilities of having roadblock is very high. It crossed my mind a few times when I was on the road. Ade skali tu sumpah aku tak perasan ade roadblock! I was on my way from Stulang to Susur with the intention to visit the Maknyahs! LOL Gler gelabah aku pakai seatbelt! FYI, seatbelt were made to prevent our body being thrown out of the car during collision. Generally if we pull the seatbelt quickly, it will not work! And thats what happened to me! Aku da lah hyperhydrosis. Time gelabah2 lagi la menjadi2 peloh aku meleleh2. Armpits and palms sweat like shit! Nasib baik ade co-pilot. He helped me with the seatbelt very well.(cukup bulan naik gaji eh co-pilot) Ngeh3

I hate roadblocks! Why? In JB the road are wide enough to try each lane if there's no car. But when there's a roadblock, those police will closed or narrowed the road to 1 lane only! If I was on the wrong lane it will be difficult for me to cucuk2 masuk lane belah sane. Then if I was on the right lane, all the F drivers from other lane will make the 'muka mintak kaki' and just went in the lane without feeling sorry. Lagi2 kalau kete Mercedes, BMW and other big cars. Felt like giving them a middle finger straight to their faces! Tau lah aku kete Waja je. Tak payah nak kabot sangat la siaaa! Everyone is using the road so don't act like the road is yours alone. Macam jalan tu ade name bapak kau je. Kat JB ade name Jalan Salim kot tak de aku nak kabot2 macam korang. Hope you all die with your F big cars in your coffin! And all of these happened because of this one stupid roadblock! Still don't get it what is the purpose of having these stupid roadblocks? Nak saman orang? Aik. Ramai tak de lesen lepas je roadblock tu aku tengok. =.='

Yar3. You the boss. Close all the roads if you could.

Last Friday I fetch some of my friends and there's a roadblock at the road before the Petronas, Shell and McDonald UTM. Nothing happened actually. Maybe the policemen afraid of my brutal face. HAHA! Tomorrow night the same place had a roadblock and also the night after tomorrow! WTF! 3 nights straight! How annoying can it be? The 3rd night I was being told to move aside by the policeman.
'IC dan lesen.'
'Dari mane ni sume?'
'Dari Taman U. Lepak2 mamak tengok bola tadi.'
'Pasang lah Astro kat umah. Tak payah nak susah2 g mamak lagi.'
'Haha' (gelak tak ikhlas) 
'Tu ape tu?'
'Payung. Nak?' 
'Eh, die nak bagi payung. Amek ni nanti hujan bole gune ye tak?'
Aik? Suka hati kau je nak suruh aku pasang Astro? Kalau kau nak pasang kan tak pe la jgak. One more thing, payung pun tak kenal ke? Owhh, police only knew how guns look like. Duhhh, payung pun tak kenal ke bro? Tak kan payung pun nak anggap senjata bro? Agak2 la bro. And one thing for sure, your sense of humour really tickles my ass!

I know that the community feel much safer with police patrol or what so ever the police did. But 3 nights straight at the same place? Seriously annoying. Did you all know about the A.C.A.B? Yar yar yar, the Absolute Chaotic Asian Band. That's just the make up band name to camouflage the truth meaning. And I like the truth meaning for the moment. Have a happy Wednesday!

A.C.A.B Owh yeahh!

p/s : I want to play Counter Strike all day long, be the Terrorist and kill all the Cops a.k.a Counter-Terrorist with a multiple headshot and HE grenade so that their corps are torn into pieces!  


meerapieka said...

hahaha tu la kau. degil. penat aq membebel bebel suro pakai seatbelt! haha

mizzlullaby said...

hyperhydrosis ke ?? baru tawu ~ xpna lak nmpak ko berploh2 ~ :)

JEJEH said...


ye2 aku salah
skrg ni aku da pakai da
takot woo kne saman


tapak tgn tapak kaki ngan ketiak
mata kasi tajam ckt
baru bole nmpak

mizzlullaby said...

da abez tajam menusuk2 siap mampu membunuh skali ! :)
still xnampak ~ hua3 ~

JEJEH said...


tgk kat tapak tgn susah ckt
tgk kat ketiak ah

mizzlullaby said...

bongok cine ! :D