Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Away For A While

No more entry for this few weeks. Sorry dear followers. I know you all crave for more of my entry. (perasan) HAHA! Btw, next week I'll have my final exam. DAMN. Why does exams exist? Right now, I'm having the bad-est flu ever! Hingus are everywhere. Really distracted my focus of studying. Cehh. Alasan je lebih tu. So, wait for me on 16/11. By that time I've finish my exams and I have all the time I want to wrote more entry. Adios amigos!

P/s : 'exam fever'? Nahh, its 'flu fever' okayh. =.='


seungu jiwaku said...

ok, ok aku tunggu.
aku ni peminat setia C.O.L.O.U.R.S
good luck exam :)

JEJEH said...


slmt menunggu

meerapieka said...

aq pun tggu jugak..
cte lah kau bwk kelisa eh.. :)
nk tau kau g subang wt pe.hehehehe

JEJEH said...


mentang2 la kelisa
pandang pung x eh