Thursday, February 3, 2011

Annoying Fesbuk-er

Facebook is the most popular social networking site ever exists. Friendster ? Myspace ? Those are for immature kids. I've used them before Facebook exists. Hell yeah ! Facebook is way cooler than those immature social networking sites. But there are some of the users didn't realize that this is Facebook ! Come on ! Its not Myspace. Please use your real name ! Its F-ing annoying ! I find Facebook very interesting because some of my long lost friends had been found here. Because they use their real names bro ! It is a very useful site for finding your long lost friends. Serius ! Aku tak bergurau ! Tapi ade manusia2 ataw lebih tepat lagi budak2 yang tak baligh lagi yang baru nak up guna Facebook macam Myspace. 

Sign up form stated 'first name' and 'last name'. Ape masalah korang ? Letak je lah name betol korang. Malu sangat ke ngan name masing2 ? Owhh. Tak cool laa kalaw letak name betol eh ? Kne letak name Pinky Girlz, Puteri Jerawat, Bontot ku Merah baru cool ? Baru lah market ? Baru lah orang nak add kaw ? Come on laa weiiyyh ! Macam bodo je letak name2 cam tu. My eyes vomited when I saw those shit craps. 

I don't mind if you want to put some fancy name but at least put up the name that people might know you. Bullshit lah name2 fancy ni. Yang buat aku bertambah menyirap nye da lah name cam babi pas tu profile picture letak gambar kartun, gambar motor, gambar pelakon Korea gay. It really annoyed me like crazy. I don't mind the name actually but at least the profile picture is the real one. If you're too shy to upload your real picture then that's fine but put up your real name please !! Tolonglah please ! You people haa make me mencarut leh all the time I see you people. Bloody hell betul.

Stop babbling now. Just see the pictures below.

Seriously ? Failed !

Yes. I know you're horny. Please add her to 'cheer' her up.
WTF mang ?
I felt like a dumb ass right now.
Please don't humiliate yourself. Remember ! This is Facebook fakka.

p/s : 68 friend request and I'm not approving. Why ? They're immature kids.


acap said...

haha...aku pon bpndapt cm ko j...espcially 'kejayaanku y smpurna' tu..mcm knal je..haha

anywy asal cntoh ko mule2 pinky gurlz than puteri jerawat?? err..xmksudkn spe2 kn...haha

JEJEH said...


tah la
tu je contoh yg terlintas kat otak aku

syakeer said...

i know rightttt!

nadhrh said...

serius klaka . haha

Abidah said...

me? got over 200 friend request yang macam ni. adoi~