Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Just now my B bought me a Prosperity Burger. Before that we already ate a plate of Squid Fried Rice. HAHA Nasi goreng sotong di translate kn ke English. Just now I got back from food court after playing in the rain. I quickly rinse my body out just to make sure that I won't have fever again. And now the unbelievable part begins.

I looked at the Prosperity Burger with full of nafsu. Then I arranged it nicely on the table to increase the nafsu of eating.

My thoughts were so tempting at this moment. Maybe its the Prosperity that makes me crazy. I wonder how long does it take for me to finish up the whole burger. I unwrapped the tasty burger and start the stopwatch in my torchphone. I don't know bout you guys. But for me it was super fast! Macam xcaye jek aku makan laju cam tu! The result was unbelievable! See it for yourself. 

3 minutes 28 seconds! FUUFFUUUUUUUU

p/s : I know who you are. I know where you come from. Just don't hide and face me you sick madefaka!


nadhrh said...

ape seyhh makan laju laju ta dpt rse nikmat makanan haaa ! pffft .

JEJEH said...


tu normal speed kot

meerapieka said...

huaaa, gua teringin ah nk makan! belikan! >,<