Monday, January 3, 2011


Hello 2011..!! Sempena tahun baru ni I just want to say may all of you have made some kids on new years eve. HAHA

So, yesterday was one hell of a day. First things first. I thought of going back to kolej by car. But you know what my bro said

'balek naek bus suda. aku dulu balek Arau sorang2 naek bus bole jek'

Okayhh.. Aku akan naek bus. Baru lah lelaki berdikari. F. 

Me and my bro went to Bukit Jalil together on Saturday evening. About 10 pm we arrived. My other bro came and picked us up and stayed his house for a night. Yesterday morning we sent our other bro to KLIA because he is going to Taiwan! Fuukkkkk. I never sit on an airplane before! Jakun babi siaaaa.

My other bro.

After left my other bro alone kat airport, me and my bro went for lunch at R&R Nilai. Babi ape the food were very expensive! Kat Putra foodcourt lagi murah sial. I have ikan ape tah masak lemak cili padi and some veggies RM6. Fukkkk! Tapi kn, nsb baek sedap. Lauk ikang tu sumpah pedas gler babi! Aku plak tambah sambal belacan maken kaw2 la siall. Peloh2 aku mkn da mcm merentas desa peloh2 ku menitis. 

Upon arriving UPM I suddenly realized that I'm wearing shorts. So informal to register my name at the office. I quickly grab a long jeans in my bag and ran to the nearest toilet to change it up. HAHA Then I have a very big smile register at the office. 

Kat office satu lg citer. I remembered last day on sem 1 there was a letter given and said that we had to pay RM30 during registration. Before going to KL my father asked me nk brape duet ? Aku ckp je la RM100 ckup kot. Then he gave me hundred bucks. So, ble smpi kat office die ckp kne bayar RM80. FUUUUFFUUUKKKKK! Skrg duet aku tinggal RM20. Babi ape RM20 nk mkn smbl tggu elaun masok. Haihh.

Da lepas register da lepas angkut2 barang dari bumi ke Musytari. Jaoh la siall. Tbe2 tayar kete my bro terbelah. Terbelah? Kne tukar la eh? Stupid question to be asked at that time. Ape lg, we changed the tyre with a nice yellow rimmed spare tyre. HAHA Sumpah lawak gler babi. Then we're off to Genting! Yeehaaww!

Its been a long time since I last got here. Sumpah bes gler. Sejuk tak payah citer la kn. I forgot to bring my sweater and I was freezing like a salted fish! Glad that my bro had his cigarette.

The reason my bro went there was to pick his friend up. His friend resign working at the Genting hotel. Bukan nye aku g maen2 kat theme park die. Takde keje abg aku nk g maen2 menatang ni sume. But one thing for sure is my bro kept yelling things when we were climbing up the hills of Genting :

'Fuyyoo. Sejuk sial Genting. Fuyoo. Da smpi Genting.'

Have a happy comeback to school or wherever you are!
p/s : I might have hurt you but at least I'm trying my very best for you.


meerapieka said...

tak nak byk lagi ke kau mencarut? haha. sengal~~

nadhrh said...

ntah ta terkira suda pfft .

JEJEH said...


bole sbna nye


b yg aja sye