Sunday, October 24, 2010

No Wonder

Dalam menempuh era globalisasi ni,(ayat pendahuluan karangan)HAHA! Oke, aku straight to the point/sirotolmustakim, budak2 kecik zaman sekarang sangat3 bertuah. Why? Because they born with silver spoon in their mouth? Teetttt! Wrong! Its because they born with all the F technologies in their ass! No wonder lah kecik2 lagi da tau pasal porno.

People said that Google is the most powerful search engine nowadays. Oh yeahh! It's true! So, when these lucky spoiled brat are lazy pigs to do their homework which is write an essay about local fruit, they will Google and copy pasta! 

Powerful search engine ever!

Instead of finding local fruit, they'll found 'buah dada' and 'buah dada cikgu' is the different type of fruit. Imagine if those kids wrote about buah dada and hand it over to the teacher at class.HAHA! Patut lah budak2 kecik zaman sekarang makin liar. Sume nye salah internet dan Google!

Some kids dapat tau pasal video ariel peterporn ngan luna maya sebab Google lah. Even I didn't know that.(buat2 naif) Actually aku da tgk da video ni.HAHA! What I'm trying to say is they got to watch those adult movies in such an early age! I hate kids nowadays.(jealousy)

Nak search Luna colour pencil, Luna Maya yang keluar. LOL!

p/s : No internet for my future family except for me! Ngeh3 (horny laugh)


meera_pieka said...

miang :P

JEJEH said...


haha, bia ah

syeraRAWRR said...

dat true! hahahaaa

JEJEH said...


macam ade pengalaman jek HAHA!