Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hayley, We Love You..!!!!

1st entry for this brand new blog. So, yesterday was fun! Got to see Hayley Williams live depan mata kat Stdm. Bkt. Jalil. RM98 I think its worth it. Although its the cheapest tix (seat belakang2 kalau tengok nampak macam semut je Paramore tu), tapi disebabkan people around me melompat2 like orang utan kena gigit semut api aku pun ter-influence by them untuk melompat bersama-sama.

I can see Hayley clearly when the camera's lens popped out after extra zooming!

Best gilakkk! Love you Hayley!(aku knal Hayley je dalam Paramore ni. HAHA!) Hope that they'll come again next year.

Paramore rock!

Along the night at the concert, so many people from teenagers to the tua kerepot come to watch Paramore. Damn, what the makcik2 and pakcik2 came for? Maybe their children layan Paramore kot. That's why pakcik2 serta makcik2 ni ikut sekali. LOL! Not to forget the hot babes yang datang along with their hot friends! Haha. Sempat jugak aku cuci mata. Ngeh3. 

Hot babes! HAHA!
p/s : I want your awesome red hair Hayley!

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