Friday, February 10, 2012


Its the day that I've been waiting for. Result day ! Jeng3. Pheww. It's kinda dusty in here. Long time no see eyh stupid blog. So it's going to start for the 2nd semester, in degree. Well it's kinda enjoying yet tiring. It feels like you live alone in the world of degree. Forever alone........

Sneak peek of my results.

Yup. It's the Pi value. 3.142 = 22/7. Don't know ? You're dumb. LOL

p/s : Hari2 bawak kete sewa. Kecewa dengan hidup aku sekarang.


acap said...

Ok lah tu j..bukan sng nk dpt pointer pi..hehe

Afifah Ahmad said...

congrats jay..ok pe..keep it up..hehe:)